Add Extension

1. Add a new extension

Under "My Plugin", select "My Extension", and then click "Add extension".

2. Basic information

2.1 ID

ID is the unique identification of an extension. Developers use ID to distinguish different extensions. ID is also used as the identification of programs for different extensions.

Naming conventions:

  • Lower-case English characters or numbers
  • Use "_" to connect multiple words, such as arduino_uno

2.2 Version

Version refers to the identification number of project files. Developers use Version for version management.

Naming conventions:

  • Supports three-digit version number "X.X.X" ("X" must be a number)

2.3 Name

The name of an extension, which will be displayed to users.

Naming conventions:

  • Less than 6 characters (recommended)

2.4 Description

A short description of the extension.

Recommended length: less than 28 characters.

2.5 Cover

The cover of the extension, which will be displayed to users on the Extension Center page.

Image formats:

  • File type: jpg
  • Size: 600 × 372

Note: no advertisements or illegal contents.

2.6 Support platform

Select the mBlock 5 platform supported by the device. There are three options: mBlock PC, mBlock Web, and mBlock APP.

2.7 mBlock version support

Select the supported mBlock version.

2.8 Support device/sprite

Select the supported device/sprite.

3. Operate

Refer to Operate.

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